National Association of Automobile Manufacturers of South Africa (NAAMSA)The National Association of Automobile Manufacturers of South Africa (NAAMSA) represents the collective, non-competitive interests of the new motor vehicle manufacturing industry in South Africa and comprises twenty-two companies involved in the production of cars and commercial vehicles which businesses collectively employ about 30 000 persons. NAAMSA also represents the interests of twenty-one companies involved in the importation and distribution of new motor vehicles in South Africa. All the major multi-national automotive corporations are members of NAAMSA.

Built Environment Professions Export Council (BEPEC)As one of South Africa’s 18 export councils, the Built Environment Professions Export Council (BEPEC) assists South African engineering, architects, and quantity surveying firms, as well as contractors to export their services into new markets in Africa and beyond.

SA Capital Equipment Export Council (SACEEC)The SACEEC represents the capital equipment and project sector both for new projects and for the aftermarket. It is also the endorsed representative body for the consulting engineers and their associated bodies, merchant bankers – with reference to their involvement in financing capital projects, capital equipment suppliers and suppliers of services to the capital project sector. SACEEC is an indispensable part of the globalisation of The South African Industry.

  • TEL: 011 849 7388
    083 459 3073

The Fresh Produce Exporters’ Forum (FPEF)he Fresh Produce Exporters’ Forum (FPEF) is a voluntary, non-profit organisation with more than 130 members, accounting for over 90% of fresh produce exported from South Africa. The FPEF is also a member of Fruit South Africa (FSA), together with the country’s four growers’ associations. This position strengthens the FPEF’s role of providing leadership and services to its members, the international buying community and the fresh produce export industry as a whole.

  • TEL: 012 526 0474

South African Boat Builders Export Council (SABBEX)Backed by an extensive supply chain of high quality equipment suppliers, retailers and business services, South African boat production has become synonymous with high-quality finishes, timeless style and durability at prices that compare favourably internationally. From custom and semi-custom built monohulls to catamarans, power boats, commercial vessels, sport fishing boats and award-winning inflatables, the boat of your dreams is a possibility in South Africa.

The Cosmetic Export Council of South Africa (CECOSA) The Cosmetic Export Council of South Africa (CECOSA) is a Section 21, non-profit organisation and has a Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) with the Department of Trade and Industry (the dti). CECOSA works in conjunction with the dti and South African Embassies/Economic Offices around the world. The prime objective is to create an exporting environment that will promote increased business for South African Companies and highlight our world-class cosmetic products to the global market.

The South African Aerospace, Maritime and Defence Export Council (SAAMDEC)The South African Aerospace, Maritime and Defence Export Council (SAAMDEC) has been recently established by the Department of Trade and Industry (the dti) and under the auspices of the recognised industry association‚ AMD.

The South African Electrotechnical Export Council (SAEEC)The South African Electrotechnical Export Council (SAEEC) is a non profit company established as a Public Private Partnership with the Department of Trade and Industry which is uniquely positioned to support the export growth of its members.

International Steel Fabricators of South Africa (ISF)International Steel Fabricators of South Africa is a joint-venture marketing consortium representing the leading players in the South African structural steel construction industry whose objective are to increase their export sales by pooling their resources. Each company represented by the ISF has an established reputation for their ability to provide their clients with internationally price-competitive and quality-driven products and services for projects anywhere in the world. ISF members have delivered projects succesfully on all the Continents, including Antartica.

South African Wire Association (SAWA)The goal of the South African Wire Association (SAWA) is to promote exports of members’ products through synergy of research, marketing, training and cooperation with industry and government initiatives for the creation of wealth for the wire industry and the nation. All members are reputable manufacturers and competent exporters who adhere to the Associations code of conduct for international trade. South African wire products have been exported worldwide for many years and are renowned for innovation, quality, services and competitive pricing.

  • TEL: 011 615 09492

Wines of South Africa (WOSA) WINES OF SOUTH AFRICA (WOSA) is a not-for-profit industry organisation which promotes the export of all South African wine in key international markets. Here you will find up-to-date information on our regions, varieties, terroir and amazing biodiversity, which all make for magic wines from a magical place.

Association of Steel Tube and Pipe Manufacturers of South Africa (ASTPM) Established in 1983 and represents the welded carbon steel tube and pipe manufacturers in South Africa. The members account for 70% of the installed capacity for conveyance, mechanical and structural tubular products which are supplied to international specifications.

SA Equine Trade Council The South African Equine Trade Council, trading as “Racing South Africa” was formed in 2001 and is responsible for promoting South African bloodstock of all breeds to world markets. Racing South Africa is a non-profit company and is a member of the Association of Export Councils, deriving its funding from The Department of Trade & Industry (DTI) and industry members. Council has very clear objectives:

SA Fruit & Vegetable Canners' Association (SAFVCA) For over 50 years the interests of the SA fruit and vegetable canning and processing industry have been directed and managed by the SA Fruit & Vegetable Canners' Association (SAFVCA). The SAFVCA was founded in January 1954 with 20 members representing the 3 main industry sectors viz. Deciduous Fruit , Pineapple, Vegetable and Tomatoes.

South African Ostrich Business Chamber (SAOBC) The Industry is well organised in the form of an industry association called the South African Ostrich Business Chamber (SAOBC). This body represents the interest of ostrich producers and processors. It is a non-profit organisation whose sole purpose is to support the growth and continued success of the ostrich industry.

Rail Road Association (RRA) We are the foremost champion of the railways industry in South Africa. We seek to represent companies and organisations within and associated with the industry. These include operators (both freight and passenger), original equipment manufacturers, suppliers, contractors and service providers, as well as associated organisations and entities.

Aluminium Federation of South Africa (AFSA)Make mandated representations for members and the industry on relevant matters and especially key national issues. Promote the awareness of aluminium and its application, and promote growth and the aluminium industry with input from the industry role players.

Plastic Federation of SAPlastics|SA represents all sectors of the South African Plastics Industry including polymer producers and importers, converters, machine suppliers, fabricators and recyclers. ​Together with our associations, we play an active role in the growth and development of the SA industry and strive to address plastics related issues, influence role-players and make plastics the material of choice.

SA Dairy Federation The Members of Milk SA comprise the Milk Producers' Organisation (MPO) and the SA Milk Processors’ Organisation (SAMPRO). Founded in 2002, Milk SA addresses the needs of the entire dairy industry of South Africa - as agreed by its members - and its success stories can be ascribed to a shared vision, effective structures and passionate people who make it happen.

South Africa Aerospace, Maritime and Defence Industries Association AMD is the Aerospace, Maritime and Defence Industries Association of South Africa. Its primary objectives are the representation of the industry in matters of mutual interest, and the promotion of a profitable, sustainable and responsible industry. The association is acknowledged as the only trade association of South Africa's defence industry (SADI) and is mandated by its members to promote and champion the collective interests of the industry. It comprises a cluster of leading companies in the South African private and public sector that supply defence materiel, products and services.

The South African Iron and Steel Institute (SAISI) The South African Iron and Steel Institute (SAISI) is a non-profit, pro-competition and non-governmental representative organisation serving the collective interests of the primary steel industry in South Africa. (Note that the South African Iron and Steel Institute is not involved in primary steel production. You are free to forward your inquiry directly to the SAISI members as per company contact details on the matrix on primary steel products manufactured by SAISI members)

SA Print and Packaging Export Council Printing SA (The Printing Industries Federation of South Africa NPC) is recognised as the official mouthpiece of the South African printing and packaging industry and is consulted by Government and all other important national bodies. Its modus operandi, control and efforts lies in the hands of its membership (comprising printing, packaging, labelling and other companies within the South African printing and packaging industry). Through their membership, members enjoy a ready-made forum for the exchange of views and access to information or advice. As a constituent member of the South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SACCI), and the Johannesburg and Durban Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Printing SA is able to both influence and enlist the support of a wide range of organisations for the benefit of its members.

Southern Africa Stainless Steel Development Association(Sassda) The Southern Africa Stainless Steel Development Association(Sassda), is one of the most active stainless steel industry associations in the world and has, since 1964, been involved in increasing the awareness and use of stainless steel in Southern Africa. The organisation provides a platform for Sassda members to collectively promote the sustainable growth and development of the industry with the main emphasis on stainless steel converted within the South African economy.

South African Meat Industry Company (SAMIC)SAMIC is a quality assurance company which was created by the Red Meat Industry of South Africa to ensure the quality and safety of meat in South Africa. At SAMIC we believe in world class standards of quality audits, inspections and outstanding service performance.

  • TEL: 012 361 4545

  • FAX: 012 361 9837

Jewellery Council of South Africa (JCSA) At the Jewellery Council of South Africa (JCSA), our focus is on uniting and growing the South African jewellery industry into ‘Africa’s Jewellery Trading Hub’. We serve all facets of the industry including; its customers, jewellery manufacturers, jewellery wholesalers/watch importers, jewellery retailers, diamond companies, jewellery-related services, and mining houses, and other related industry bodies. We strive to be a world-class industry supporting body that enables the development, growth and prosperity of the local jewellery industry through initiating, implementing, informing, facilitating, supporting, and representing our members locally, across the African continent, and abroad.

  • TEL: 011 484 5528

  • FAX: 086 504 9512

South African Music Exportation (SAMEX) South African Music Exports is the initiative to form a music industry export council in South Africa. It hosts membership based organisations representing the interests of musicians, composers, publishers, promoters and music managers.

  • TEL: 011 789 4373

  • FAX: 011 789 6425

Economic Development, Tourism and Evironmental Affairs (EDTEA)The KwaZulu-Natal Department of Economic Development and Environmental Affairs is mandated to oversee the socio-economic transformation in the province. It therefore leads the policy and strategic initiatives directed at promoting development and growth in various sectors of the economy.

Department of Trade and Industry (the dti) Vision of the DTI: "A dynamic industrial, globally competitive South African economy, characterised by inclusive growth and development, decent employment and equity, built on the full potential of all citizens"

Dube TradePort Dube TradePort Corporation, a business entity of the KwaZulu-Natal Provincial Government, is charged with the responsibility to develop the province’s biggest infrastructural project. Considered one of South Africa’s top 10 investment opportunities, this designated Special Economic Zone (SEZ) is geared to promote foreign and local investment.

National Ports Authority (NPA) The national ports authority is responsible for the safe, effective and efficient economic functioning of the national port system, which it manages in a landlord capacity. The national ports authority provides port infrastructure and marine services at the eight commercial seaports in South Africa. It operates within a legislative and regulatory environment created by the National Ports Act 2005 (Act No. 12 of 2005).

South African Association of Freight Forwarders (SAAFF) Freight Forwarding plays an essential role in international trade and our members are dedicated to facilitating this activity through their involvement in the management of transportation, customs clearing, documentation, third party payments and many other elements of international supply chains. SAAFF was formed in 1921 and is a national association with members throughout the Republic of South Africa. While it attends to matters of national interest, its constitution permits regions to form chapters of the association, to deal with local issues.

South African Revenue Service (SARS) The South African Revenue Service (SARS) is the nation’s tax collecting authority. Established in terms of the South African Revenue Service Act 34 of 1997 as an autonomous agency, we are responsible for administering the South African tax system and customs service.

Small Enterprise Development Agency (Seda) The Small Enterprise Development Agency (Seda) is an agency of the Department of Small Business Development. Seda was established in December 2004, through the National Small Business Amendment Act, Act 29 of 2004. It is mandated to implement government’s small business strategy; design and implement a standard and common national delivery network for small enterprise development; and integrate government-funded small enterprise support agencies across all tiers of government. Seda’s mission is to develop, support and promote small enterprises throughout the country, ensuring their growth and sustainability in co–ordination and partnership with various role players, including global partners, who make international best practices available to local entrepreneurs.

International Trade Administration Commission of South Africa (ITAC) The International Trade Administration Commission of South Africa (ITAC) is a schedule 3A Public Entity established in terms of the International Trade Administration Act, No 71 of 2002, and came into force on 1 June 2003. ITAC replaced its predecessor, the Board of Tariffs and Trade (BTT) that was established in 1986. The predecessor of the BTT is the Board on Trade and Industries (BTI) that dated back to 1924.

  • TEL: (012) 394 3688


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