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Businesses that plan on importing or exporting goods for commercial and personal reasons (or to the value of >R2500) must be registered with South Africa's (SARS) Customs for an Import / Export Number. This number is obtainable from SARS. It is also known as an Importer's / Exporter's Customs Code.

Exporter Registration is obtainable from any SARS local office with a Customs and Excise Department (contact details can be found on the SARS website. ( )
SARS Durban, Tel: (031) 328-7716

The DA185 form, obtainable from must be completed and returned to SARS with the following supporting documentation (in hard copy) for applicant to be registered as an importer and an exporter:

  • A certified copy of the front page of the I.D. book of every director/member of the company/cc;
  • Original utilities bill for the business premises;
  • A certified copy of the businesses CK1 or CM1 (certificate of incorporation);
  • Valid SARS Tax Compliance Status PIN issued;
  • Copy of the Telkom account depicting the same telephone number and address as completed on DA 185;
  • Original letter from applicant’s bankers confirming company banking details;
  • Company Resolution authorizing company to apply for exporter registration with SARS on behalf of the other directors/shareholders;
  • Applicant will then have to submit these forms at the nearest SARS office, who will inform applicant of the outcome of his application for registration within 2-3 weeks.
  • In the event of applicant wanting to simultaneously register as:
  • an exporter, as well as an exporter under AGOA, TDCA & GSP agreements (DA 185.4A2),
  • a manufacturer (DA1854A4),
  • a producer (DA185.4A7),

These bracketed forms need to be completed and submitted with the application.

Exporter Registration is also required for trading various trade agreements i.e. AfCFTA, AGOA, SACU, SADC, etc.

The following additional forms must be completed:

  • For AGOA – form DA 46A1.02 (incorporated as Section A hereto) and/or form DA 46A1.03 (incorporated as Section A in Annexure DA 185.4A4)
  • For application for approved exporter status under SADC-EPA, SACU/EFTA, AfCFTA or SACUM-UK EPA – form DA 49A.02 (incorporated as Section B hereto)
  • If exporter and producer under GSP - form DA 46A.01 (incorporated as Section C hereto) and form DA 46A.02 (incorporated as Section A in Annexure DA 185.4A7)
  • If exporter and not the producer under GSP – form DA 46A.01 (incorporated as Section C hereto)
  • If exporter and producer under the SADC-EPA, SACU/EFTA, SACU/MERCOSUR, AfCFTA or SACUM-UK EPA trade agreements or any of the GSP Schemes – Annexure DA 185.4A7 with the form DA 46A.02 (incorporated as Section C thereto)
  • For purposes of Norway, a prior registration on the Registered Exporter System (REX system) is required ( )

The contents of this Document may not be reproduced without the express authorization of Trade and Investment KwaZulu-Natal (TIKZN)
Please note that this guideline is issued to help you obtain exporter registration with SARS.
TIKZN can however not be held liable if procedures vary from the above.

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