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The FDI Report 2018

In 2017, greenfield FDI weakened with the number of FDI projects declining by 1.1% to 13,200. Capital investment decreased 15.2% to $662.6bn alongside a 9.4% decline in job creation to 1.83 million. India was replaced by the US as the highest ranked country for FDI by capital investment, with $87.4bn recorded, boosted by major announcements from Foxconn and Saudi Basic Industries to invest billions in single plants. The US was also the highest ranked country for FDI by number of projects, recording 1627 announcements. Western Europe was the leading destination region for FDI in 2017 by number of projects, with 4208 announcements. However, Asia-Pacific received the largest amount of capital investment in 2017, with $196.6bn-worth of FDI recorded. Western Europe was the leading source region for FDI in 2017, with 6270 FDI projects recorded. This accounted for 47.5% of all FDI globally and $237.8bn in capital investment.

Key trends in 2017 include:

• The US reclaimed its top spot from India, recording $87.4bn of announced FDI in 2017.
• FDI into western Europe increased 4% by number of projects and 13% by capital investment.
• FDI into the UK declined across all three indicators: project numbers (-10%), capital investment (-5%) and jobs created (-11%).
• China regained its FDI crown in Asia-Pacific, accounting for 26% of capital investment in the region.
• Poland continued to rise as a key destination for FDI, with the number of FDI projects increasing 24% and capital investment increasing 49%.

Source: Economic Development & Investment Promotion Unit EThekwini Municipality